Accepting 2020 Etude Application now until June 27th, 2020!!!

We are currently accepting 2020 Piano Etude Competition now until June 27th!

From now until June 20th, is the regular deadline, From June 21th to Jun 27th is the late deadline with $20 additional late fee.

Please either download the paper application form here or register online  at

We are currently in the processing of migration to the new website.  When everything is done, this web page will automatically linked to the new website. User may start applying via the new website or continue with the old application method.

The 2019 US New Star Piano Competition Winners has been announced on the new website at

The 2020 US New Star Violin Rules and Applications are available here and also at our new website.

The 2020 US New Star Piano Rules and Applications are available here and also at our new website.

Online application is preferred as it speeds up our application process.