2016 USNSPC Winners Announced

Announcing the winners of the 2016 Piano Competition!

We have been experiencing technical glitches w/ YouTube. For now (~8pm PST on 1/7) only the top 3 performers are listed, but as the evening progresses, group-by-group achievements will be added.

[UPDATE: As of ~1am PST on 1/8 all should be done…please send emails regarding any errors/typos as this was an error prone way of doing things this time around!]

2015 US New Star Piano Competition Results

This year’s field was quite diverse and very competitive with pianists from Illinois, Texas, Tennessee and California.

After lengthy deliberation, our judges have decided the winners for 2015! You can find the results here.

We thank the judges for the valuable time they spent. This year’s competition was especially close in nearly all ages.

Congratulations to all winners and thanks to all contestants for their wonderful musical contributions!


2015 US New Star Piano Competition

2015 US New Star Piano Competition

Deadline November 30th, 2015

Prepared two song of contrasting style, One must be of Baroque or Classical.

The US New Star Piano Competition features the most talented young musicians from around the world. Through competition in any of five piano categories, these top-notch music students are given an opportunity to showcase their talents.

We will be accepting applications for 2015 US New Star Piano Competition after September. The deadline for submissions is Nov 30, 2015.  Visit our Application Page for more information on enrolling.