2016 US New Star Etude Competition Winners

Best Performer: Jasmine Jin

Runner Up: Roger Shen

Third: Adrienne Li

Group Prizes

  • Group I(7 years old and under)

First prize: Alaina Yung 7,  Belmont CA, Student of Sumi Nagasawa

Second prize: Ria Chhabra 7, Singapore, Student of Wayne Teo

Third prize: Ethan K. Cao  7, Foster City CA, Student of Sumi Nagasawa

Honorable Mention: Alyssa Chia 7, San Jose CA, Student of Lisa Chu

  • Group II(8-10 years old)

First prize: Gustavo Hochman 9,  Austin TX, Student of Gabriela Garza

Second prize: Stanford Yu 9, Cupertino CA, Student of Daniel Cheng

Third prize: Henry Shao 8, Sylvania OH, Student of Esther Chiu

Honorable Mention: Christopher Sun10, Cupertino CA, Student of Yu-Chi Tai

  • Group III(11-13 years old)

First prize: Jasmin Jin 12,  Arcadia CA, Student of Lily Chen

Second prize: Kako Hayashi 12, Davis CA, Student of Akiko Gaffney

Third prize: Adrienne Lee 10, Newport Beach CA, Student of Ana Marie Eckstein

Honorable Mention: Albert Yan13, Urbana IL, Student of Timothy Ehlen

  • Group IV(14-16 years old)

First Prize: Alexandra Rice16, St. Louis MO, Student of Zena Ilyashov

  • Group V(17-19 years old)

First prize: Roger Shen 17, Northbrook IL, Student of Jon Sakata

Second prize: Sabrina J. Chen 17, Palo Alto CA, Student of Sandra Shen

  • Group VI(>19 years old)

Second prize: Yuet Ka Hui 23, London UK, Student of Norma Fisher