2015 US New Star Piano Competition

Rules and Application Instructions: Application form is available here


Nov. 30th, 2015, Early bird: Oct 30th,2015, Late : Dec. 7th 2015

Please read the following information thoroughly before filling out the application. Failure to comply with the following rules may result in disqualifi cation. The US New Star Piano Competition will be held via .mp4 fi le submissions. To apply, fill out the application form on page 3. Application forms must be filled out clearly and completely.

Age Groups:

Applicants must select the correct age group on the application that corresponds to their age as of November 30, 2015.

Group I: Age 7 and under

Group II: Age 8-9

Group III: Age 10-11

Group IV: Age 12-13

Group IV: Age 12-13

Group V: Age 14-15

Group VI: Age 16-18

Video and Music Requirements:

Applicants must prepare two piano pieces of contrasting musical periods; one must be Classical or Baroque.The music recording must be clear and free of background noise, with the applicant clearly in the frame. The video should be recorded by a single camera. The piece must be memorized. There is no time limit. The submitted video may not be used for any purposes except for submission in the competition. The video may not be edited. All recordings sent will not be returned and will be the sole property of US New Star Music, LLC. US New Star Music, LLC reserves the right to post the winners and their videos to the internet.

Dates and Fees:

All applications, fees, audition videos, and application change requests must be shared electronically and/or postmarked no later than December 7, 2015 to be considered. International entries must be received by December 7, 2015. The entry fee for the US New Star Piano Competition is $60. An early discount of $10 is available if the application, all fees, and the video are postmarked by October 30, 2015, and a late fee of $20 applies if the application, fees, or video is submitted after November 30, 2015. There is also an additional $20 processing fee for non-US residents.

Application fees must be paid by check or money order made out to US New Star Music, LLC. All application fees are non-refundable. Application Changes If applicants are missing application information or choose to change their music or any application information, they must resend the application with all changes, and resubmit the audition video if there is a change in music. Any missing fees should be sent in as well.

If any of the above changes are made, applicants must submit an application change request form (page 4) in addition to the changed application or video. An additional re-entry processing fee of $20 must be enclosed with the form.


Applicants may submit their videos through Google Drive, by e-mail, or on CDs. All videos must be in .mp4 fi le format. Each fi le should be named ‘Piano Audition Video: (Applicant Name): Piece (I/II)’. If submitted through Google Drive, the videos must be shared with competition@usnsmc.org and titled ‘Piano Audition Video: (Applicant Name): Piece (I/II)’. If applicants choose to share their videos by e-mail, the files must be sent to competition@usnsmc.org. Applicants must change the subject of the e-mail to ‘Piano Audition Video: (Applicant Name)’.

If applicants choose to send their videos through CDs, the disks must be labeled clearly with the following: ‘Piano Audition Video: (Applicant Name)’. Audio CDs will not be accepted.

Please send the application form, all payments, and audition CD (if this submission method is chosen) to:


1072 S DE ANZA BLVD SUITE A107-437



The winners of the 2015 US New Star Piano Competition will be announced on usnsmc.org by January 7, 2016. The adjudicators will be professional musician(s), unaffiliated with US New Star Music, LLC. Adjudicator(s) will select winners for each age group. Decisions of the adjudicator(s) are final. The winners and their videos will be posted on the US New Star Music Competition website. The winners of the US New Star Piano Competition will each receive a certificate, and the First Prize winners will receive a cash prize of $100. All other applicants will receive a certificate of participation. Certificates and cash prizes will be sent by January 21, 2016 to the addresses of the applicants’ teachers. Please send all questions to competition@usnsmc.org