Winners-2014 USNSPC

  • Group I(7 years old and under)

First prize: Freya Pang  6,  Darien, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Freya Pang’s competition videos: Mozart, Bartok

Second prize: Emmie Guo  6,  Chicago, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Emmie Guo’s competition videos: Haydn, Chopin

Third prize: Alaina Yung 6, Belmont, CA, Student of Sumi Nagasawa
Alaina Yung’s competition videos:Beethoven, Lynes

Honorable Mention: Houxi Li, 6, Los Angeles, CA, Student of Yawen Wu
Houxi Li’s competition videos: Bach, Diabelli

  • Group II(8-9 years old)

 Second prize: Claire Chiow  8,  Temple City, CA, Student of Yvonne Chen
Claire’s competition video:  BachChopin

 Third prize: Eugene Kim 8, Marina, CA, Student of Hayung Rhee
Eugene’s competition video: BachClementi

  • Group III(10-11 years old)

First prize: Lilian Xu  11,  Lincolnshire, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Lilian’s competition videos: Mozart, Ravel

Second prize: Lina Hisada  11,  Los Angeles, CA, Student of Nobuyo Nishizaka
Lina’s competition videos: Bach, Schubert

Third prize: Adrian Pu  10,  Davis, CA, Student of Huei-Ping Chen Lin
Adrian’s competition videos: Mozart, Zyman

  • Group IV(12-13 years old)

First Prize: Ryan A.Chi  12, Cupertino, CA, Student of Erna Gulabyan
Ryan Chi’s competition videos: MozartSchubert

Third Prize-tie: Joseph Shih 12,  Glenview, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Joseph’s competition videos: Haydn, Prokofiv

Third Prize-tie: Allison Lie 12,  Naperville, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Allison’s competition videos:Handel, Liszt

  • Group V(14-15 years old)

First Prize-tie: Sophia Li  14,  Vernon Hills, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Sophia’s competition videos: MozartSchumann

First Prize-tie: Derek Chung  15,  Long Grove, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Derek’s competition videos:Beethoven, Ravel

Second Prize-tie: Cindy Yang  15,  Glenview, IL, Student of Sueanne Metz
Cindy’s competition videos:Bach & Liszt

Second Prize-tie:Dara Phung 15, Burlingame, CA, Student of Sumi Nagasawa
Dara’s competition video: Bach, Bolcom

Third Prize: Ophir Horowitz 14, Los Altos, CA, Student of Tilly Tan
Ophir’s competition video: Bach, Kapustin

Honorable Mention: Ethan Chi  14, Cupertino, CA, Student of Erna Gulabyan
Ethan’s competition videos: BeethovenRachmaninoff 

  • Group VI(16-17 years old)

Second prize:Alex Pham  16,  Newport Coast, CA, Student of  Ana Marie Eckstein
Alex’s competition videos:Beethoven, Chopin