Q.Could I use multiple cameras to do the recording?

A. No, only one camera with one single shot is allowed to prevent cheating. Any editing including cutting and pasting of the videos will be disqualified. Our Adjudicators are usually well respected College faculty and active pianist, they can tell if the videos has been edited, cut or pasted together. Some videos has been disqualify before.

Q, Will the camera quality and appearance increase my chances of winning?

A. No, judges only care about the quality of music that’s been played by you! As long as they can see part of your face, pedals, fingers. Having a lower/higher quality video or not dressing in a fancy clothing will not help or hurt your chances of winning.

Q. How many movement do I need to record?

A. Only one movement is recommended. However, you many upload the entire song if you believe everything is perfect. In general, we advise you to submit only the best quality movement.  It is up to the adjudicators to decide whether this will help or hurt your chance, if someone in your group happens to play the same piece as you.

Q. If I already won First Prize in US New Star Piano Competition group II, could I join the competition again?

A. Yes, you can, however,

1. Students may only won the same group with the same competition once. For example, if you are in Group II last year and won First Prize, this year you became Group III, because of the age requirement, you can submit to the Group III for competition again.

2. However, if you are still in the same group-Group II , and you have decide to join the competition again , you will be promoted to the next group-Group III,  and compete with the older kids.

3. No restriction in competing in other competition: You may still compete in US New Star Etude Competition Group II, and Competition by Composer Group II. Since these are different competitions.

Q. If I won Top Performer for any competition last year, can I still enter the same competition this year

A. Yes, since there is no cash prize involved, though you got the highest honor for the competition,  you are not restricted to submit to the same competition the following year.

Q. I am a bit confused about the due date, could you explain more?

A. For all our competitions, there is a regular deadline, early deadline(discount $10) and late deadline( additional $20). Below examples are for US New Star Piano Competition.

  1. Early Deadline:If  the application/fee and videos are submitted before the early deadline, which is Oct 30th for US New Star Piano Competition, there is a $10 discount, please click the early discount box on the application form.
  2. Regular Deadline:if the application/fee and videos are submitted before Nov 30th( postmarked in US), it is $75 for US New Star Piano Competition & Etude Competition. For overseas applicants received on Nov 30th for US New Star Piano Competition, it is $95
  3. Regular Deadline:  Competition by Composer regular deadline entry fee is $60 per Composer category group, Additional $20 for international entries, regardless of number of categories. You may choose one and/or more than one composer. There are students who only choose to compete in one and there are students who choose to compete in every single category. Submitting to more than one categories will not increase or decrease your winning chances. First Prize cash prizes are per category. We had previous winners who won multiple First Prize cash prizes.
  4.  If the application for US New Star Piano Competition is submitted between Dec 1- Dec 7. There is an additional late fee of $20 for quick processing time. Please click late on the application form.

For more information, contact us at competition@usnsmc.org