About US

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Our Story

Our goal is to promote young classical musicians. We currently host three competitions:


Starting 2020, US New Star Violin Competition, Prepare 2 contrasting style pieces from two periods.

Starting 2017, Competition by Composer– Composers changes year by year.

2017-Prepare 1 solo piece from Beethoven, Chopin or Burgmüller.

2018-Prepare 1 solo piece from Chopin, Bach or Beethoven, Deadline is in Feb, 2018.

2019-Prepare 1 solo piece from Chopin, Mozart, Haydn or Mendelssohn, Deadline is in March, 2019

2020-Prepare one solo piece from Bach, Beethoven, Chopin or an Asian Composer. Deadline in March, 2020 

2021-Prepare one solo piece from Bach, Chopin, Russian Composer or Free Choice. Accepting application between Feb 1, 2021 to March 22th.

Starting 2014, Etude Competition– Prepare 2 solo pieces, one must be an Etude, and the other piece must be from Classical or Baroque Period, Deadline in June.

Starting 2013, US New Star Piano Competition, Prepare 2 solo pieces from two periods, one must be from Classical or Baroque, Deadline in Nov and Dec.

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For Detail, please check our website at usnsmc.org