Winners-2013 USNSPC

  • Group A (8-9 years old)

First prize: Jasmine Jin  9,  Arcadia, CA, Student of Lily Chen

Jasmine Jin’s competition videos: Haydn Reinhold

Honorable Mention: LeAnn Tai  8 Irvine, CA, Student of Esther Yoon

LeAnn Tai’s competition videos: Clementi, Tchaikovsky


  • Group B (10-11 years old)

First Prize: Claire Liu 11, Arcadia, CA, Student of Lily Chen

Claire Liu’s competition videos:Chopin,Mozart

Second Prize: Laura Chen 10, Irvine, CA, Student of Dr. Bella Tseng

Laura Chen’s competition videos:Beethoven,Berkovic

Third Prize: Ryan A.Chi  11, Cupertino, CA, Student of Erna Gulabyan

Ryan Chi’s competition videos: Bartok, Beethoven

  • Group C(12-13 years old)

First Prize:Nathan Kim 13, Newberg, OR, Student of Dr. Renato Fabbro

Nathan Kim’s competition videos: BeethovenLiszt

Second Prize: Ethan A.Chi 13, Cupertino, CA, Student of Erna Gulabyan

Ethan Chi’s competition videos: BeethovenKabalevsky

  • Group D(14-15 years old)

First Prize:Shiyi Andy Sheng 15, San Jose, CA, Student of Anna Polonsky

Shiyi Andy Sheng’s competition videos: BeethovenBach

Honorable Mention: Jeffrey Qiu 14, San Ramon, Student of Kwok Koo Kuen

Jeffrey Qiu’s competition videos: MozartChopin


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